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بيع وشاء الاسهم

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Scout House Projects:

  • Add a coat of poly to the main hall floor
  • Add organized storage areas in basement for troops
  • Acquire and mount a large flat panel TV to be used as a monitor for training, project research, troop activities - ideally with a cabinet to hide the TV
  • Add Solar powered flag pole light
  • Purchase 12 camping foam sleeping pads for sleepovers
  • Removed trees marked with "X"
  • Organize chipper/shredder for brush and trees

Everyday Scout House Maintenance

  • Mow the lawn in September and October
  • Rake leaves in October, November, December
  • Dust the window sills
  • Sharpen the pencils
  • Wipe the kitchen surfaces
  • Clean the stove
  • Clean the bathrooms
  • Empty the recyclable containers افضل الاسهم في السعوديه

Open Volunteer Positions

  • House watcher: drop in from time-to-time to check the condition of the building and keep a running list of maintenance needs
  • House caretaker: work with local contractors and house hero volunteers to organize and complete maintenance projects

Community Service أفضل المواقع لمعرفة أسعار الذهب بالسعودية handel na forex