Girl Scout House 2016 Improvements

The summer of 2016 has been an active one at the Girl Scout House thanks to the Board of Directors that are busy getting it ready for another year of scouting.


The front yard has been transformed from mud and asphalt crumbles to a green and calming place to relax. You will find a newly paved front walk, seeded lawn, trimmed bushes, mulch, and a new granite bench dedicated in honor or past leader Rita Ferris.

And to improve safety for all, the wooden stairs in the side yard leading to the fire area has been replaced with a gradual slope.


Main Hall

Beautiful matching storage cabinets for Leaders have been added to the main hall, providing space for crafts and supplies. Items stored in these cabinets will be available for all troops to use.

At the end of this summer, two Boy Scouts will be cleaning the cobwebs and more, working to raise money for their trip to the national jamboree next summer. And we are expecting new wood repair on a portion of the main hall floor, to the left of the fireplace.


Before school starts we will be installing 2 new stoves in the kitchen with handicap accessible knobs in the front of the stove. A new kitchen faucet has been purchased and is scheduled for installation.


New overhead LEDs will light your way in the basement, which should remain quite dry now that we have 2 dehumidifiers running.


Girls will now find a beautiful plaque honoring those in Hingham who have earned the Gold Award, with space to add many more. We are still searching records to find even more names from the past.

Next Up

  • We have allocated funds to replace the 35 year old hot water heater
  • A Boy Scout Eagle project is in the planning stages to tie the rear downspouts into underground drains
  • We are seeking ideas on what to plant atop the new retaining wall

There is a meeting to discuss the next projects, scheduled for Wednesday October 19, 2016 at 7:30pm. All leaders and registered adults in Hingham are invited to join us. If you can not attend, please share your ideas with Marielle Thorne or Danielle Buczynski.

Helping girls build courage, confidence, and character.

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