To the girls having completed journeys, badges, special awards and another fun year in scouting, congratulations!

The annual 2016 Court of Awards is an important ceremony and Girl Scout tradition, providing recognition to all scouts for their accomplishments during the year.

Both troops and individually registered girls are invited to attend and be recognized. Troops may also elect to conduct a smaller, private ceremony during a troop meeting.

Thursday, June 9, 2016
at Hingham High School


6:00 Doors open

6:30 Flag Ceremony

6:40 Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards

7:00 Individual Awards by Troop, K-12

8:00 Reception

Instructions for Troop Leaders

Before the Ceremony

  1. Contact our registrar Stephanie Torski with (a) your troop number if any girls are attending and (b) if any girls will be receiving Gold, Silver or Bronze awards. Don't worry if they all can't attend.
  2. Collect photos of this past year's troop activities and submit to Marielle Thorne. Marielle will put together a slide show that will run from 6:00 to 6:30pm. Send the highest quality possible by email.
  3. We ask each leader to attach (staple) the badges, journey awards and membership pins to a paper plate or sturdy cardboard, and label each with the troop number and girl's name. It is important that all troops are consistent, ensuring girls feel they are treated equally.
  4. For girls bridging, leaders may plan to present their new uniform or other symbol representing the next level of Girl Scouts.
  5. Dress for the occasion is the Girl Scout uniform.

Upon Arrival

  1. Girls who have volunteered for the flag ceremony should find Ambassador Girl Scout Alise Clinton in the lobby.
  2. Troops interested in selling cookies, flowers or other items in the lobby should contact Marielle Thorne for information.
  3. Find your reserved row(s) in the auditorium to be seated by 6:30.

During the Ceremony

  1. When your troop is called, two adults should come on stage first - one at the microphone and a second adult to hand awards to the girls.
  2. Briefly (1 minute) share the most favorite activities of the year, followed by calling each girl's name. Girls cross the stage and receive their award, remaining on stage until the entire troop has been recognized.
    "Hello, I am {___}, leader of {Daisy, Brownie, etc} Troop {#___}. We are bridging to {___}. The best thing we did this year was {___}. We proudly present our girls with their awards tonight and want to thank {___}."
  3. Girls bridging to a new level will cross over the wood bridge on the stage.
  4. When leaving the stage, walk the girls back to row(s).
  5. Please share with the girls the importance of respecting other troops by remaining quiet and attentive until the ceremony is over. Consider giving young girls something quiet to do - such as coloring their award paper - if sitting still is a challenge.

After the Ceremony

Light refreshments will be served



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