Turkey Hill

Enjoy the views of the ocean andBoston from Turkey Hill, then try kite flying. Short trails start either at the top of the hill or at the bottom on Route 3A.

South Shore Quests

From April 15 to November 15: For all ages, this non-profit organization publishes a book for $6, available at the Hingham Library, that includes 15-20 local hikes. Each hike is turned into an adventure as the girls look for clues that will lead them to a hidden box. Visit for more info.

Girl Scouts have created their own quest too!  Instructions can be found on the bulletin board inside the Girl Scout House.

Triphammer Pond

For all ages, this hike takes you around the pond in less than hour. You can examine the plants along the path, lichen, trees and leaves. Watch for birds. Find the top of the pond where water comes in, and the bottom of the pond where water flows out. If you walk around the pond clockwise, you will come to a picnic table near the end of the hike.

Managed by Hingham Conservation, this pond is located not too far past the Hingham Library. From Main Street, turn right on to Levitt. About a mile up, turn right on to Popes Lane. Follow Popes Lane to the parking lot at the Pond.

Jacobs Pond

For all ages. Located across from the South Shore Science Center, this hike is 1.5 miles along the north west part of the Pond to Look Out Point where you get not only for a view, but picnic tables to relax at. Notice they are tucked in a field of Beech trees.

Before you start, take a moment to read about the experimental forest near the parking lot. This hike shows the girls a well marked trail and has an excellent trail map in the parking lot.

Blue Hills Reservation

For all ages. Well marked trails can bring you up a fun and rocky terrain to the top in only 30 minutes (red dot trail), or take a more leisurly stroll through the wooded trails (green dot), or spend 1 hour walking around Houghton's Pond. Near the parking lot you will find animals, and indoor museum, and restrooms. At the top is a spectacular view and picnic tables. More info on Blue Hills.

Bare Cove Park

Across from the West Hingham train station, Bare Cove Park has paved paths that are great for walking and biking.

Wompatuck State Park

We are lucky to have Wompatuck State Park right here in Hingham with it's extensive array of hiking and bike trails r. Camping sites available and their main lodge may be used for Girl Scout meetings too.

Worlds End

A magnificent penninsula with walking trails and also the launch site for REI kayaking lessons. On occasion, a guide is available to discuss birding and other nature topics at Worlds End.