Girls Scouts have many opportunities to camp.

Troop Camping

Troop camping is available to those troops with an adult trained in Girl Scout camping for sleepovers at the Girl Scout House, cabins, tents, or wilderness camping. Most troops have a volunteer that introduces appropriate camping skills at each level in scouts, from rolling a sleeping bag to purifying water.


Encampments are schedule every year or two where every troop in Hingham or the South Shore area are invited to camp together. Troops plan their meals and packing individually but are also part of larger group activities, usually centered around a theme.

Day Camp

Day camps are available during school vacations and are offered by the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. From Hingham, buses may be available to the camps in Plymouth and Waltham.

Overnight Camp

Overnight camps are available during school vacations. GSEM has many camps to select from, each having their own specialty and excitement.

Visit for details on GSEM camps.

Camping Equipment Rentals

Free camping equipment rentals are available from Hingham Girl Scouts. Read details at Camping Boxes