Building Stabilization

windows need new glazingCompleted - Approx $105K

Building Stabilization includes projects that are necessary to bring the building out of disrepair and preserve as much of the original building as possible. The majority of the projects in this phase were funded by the Community Preservation Act funds. $98,049 was awarded April 2014 and project completed June 2016.


basement door with decaying woodIn recent years, water has seeped through the foundation walls during heavy rain storms. While the foundation is in very good condition today, efforts were be made to prevent future damage due to water. (1) Water was entering through the basement door on the left side of the building and (2) seeps through the foundation on the right side of the building.

To remedy the situation the following was completed:

  1. Gutters and downspouts installed, with the downspouts directed underground and away from the building
  2. An exterior underground drain was installed on the right side of the building to keep water away from the foundation
  3. The old fallen retaining wall was replaced on the right side, preventing further erosion and with drainage toward from the building
  4. Drainage at the base of the exterior basement stairwell was improved

siding of the house needs repair and paintSiding

Much of the front façade with architectural detail and clapboard siding is original; some clapboards and corner pieces had been replaced within the last 5-10 years. Over grown trees had shaded the building, causing the paint to fail and mold to develop.  First, trees were cut back with services donated by Specialized Riggings Tree Services. Next, Buttonwood Renovations, experts in historic renovations, repaired wood rot, flashing over the doors and windows, and painted.

Doors and Windows

Not original to the design, the house had two steel side exit doors with one of them having a hole to daylight. The front door has many cracks through which you could see daylight. The basement door jamb was rotten. All but 1 of the windows are the original 12 over 12 windows from 1929. They had some wood repair needed but most importantly the glazing containing asbestos needed to be  replaced.


Stones on the front stone stairs have become loose and the walkway from the street to these stairs is crumbling asphalt.

The following items were completed:

  1. trim needs paintRe-glazed windows to remove asbestos
  2. Replaced doors
  3. Rebuilt the front stone steps using existing stone
  4. Replaced the asphalt walkway
  5. Scraped and painted siding and trim, replaced any damaged wood using profiles original to the building
  6. Refinished the house plaque and exterior Girl Scout emblem that is original to the building