Immediate Needs

$18,000 Raised - Project Completed - Disaster Avoided

roof replaced May 2014


In June 2013, the roof began to leak. To preserve the interior of the building, a tarp was immediately placed on the building. The tarp remained until funds were raised to replaced the roof, which was completed May 2014. Hingham Lumber reached out to CertainTeed, who donated the shingles. Local resident Dan Ranahan reached out to Beacon Sales, who donated the remaining roofing materials. The labor was $9,160 and was done by CS Mass Construction. This included minimum sheathing repair, 30-year shingles, ridge vents and flashing.


The furnace at 27 years old was failing multiple times throughout the 2012-2013 season. In September of 2014, a high-efficiency gas furnace was purchased from National Grid ($1,444 - $300 rebate). It was installed by Supreme Oil February 2014 ($4,800), after working with National Grid to connect the house to the gas line on the street and install a meter ($500). 

Front Stairs RepairdFront Stairs

In the winter of 2013-2014, the front stone stairs fell apart, creating a hazard for all visitors. CM Mass Construction generously donated their time and materials to repair the stairs.

Tree Work

The house was surrounded by overgrown tree branches that were preventing sunlight and air circulation. The result was mold and faster detiorization of the roof and siding. Specialized Riggins Tree Services donated 4 men for a day to cut back the overgrown tree limbs.

Dehumidifier Purchased

The basement becomes damp due to poor foundation drainage, to be improved upon in Phase 2. The impact is unusable basement space and buckling wood floors in the main hall.