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1928 Hingham GS Council Established

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1928 Fundraising Campaign

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The Boston Globe, August 11, 1929

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Ground Being Broken

Now, in point of fact, the ground is being broken for the building.

It will be no surprise to anybody if the two local troops and the Hingham Brownie Pack are sheltered under their own roof before the snow flies again.

A proud distinction will then be theirs, since there is not another city or town in New England where the Girl Scouts have a clubhouse of their own constructed expressly for this purpose.

Indeed, there are only five or six in the whole length and breadth of the land.

The house in Hingham will be situated on Burr road, Hingham Center, facing the town's attractive recreation center, which is flanked on one  side by the new High School.

Godfrey K. Downer of Hingham, the architect, who is donating his services, has designed a story-and-a-half wooden, gable-roofed Colonial house, in keeping with the architectural scheme which Hingham has preserved and cherished to a large extent, both in its dwellings and public buildings.

Source: The Boston Globe, Sunday August 11, 1929, "Hingham Girl Scouts will launch drive for purchase of own home"

Community Spirit

The architect that designed the Girl Scout House is Godfrey K. Downer of Hingham; he donated his services.

The granite foundation was donated by Mr. Chatfield of Plymouth Quarries, valued at $1,000.

The house was constructed by Mr. Henry B. Hardy of 14 Hersey Street in Hingham

The fireplace was constructed by C.H. White.

Electrical work was done by Ian G. Foley of 330 Main Street in Hingham.

Plumbing was done by Joseph Crehan & Sons of Lincoln Square in Hingham.

Painting was done by Frank P. Breed.

The grounds were landscaped by William Daley of Thaxter Street in Hingham.