From sleeping bags and tents, to Dutch ovens and charcoal chimneys, Hingham now has an important resource for any Hingham resident to use. Free equipment rentals let people get to know the environment in a new and exciting way!


Camping Boxes and Other Resources

Two boxes contain essential camping equipment:

  • pots and pans
  • mixing bowls
  • spoons, spatulas and tongs
  • Dutch Oven
  • charcoal chimney
  • cutting board
  • plates and silverware for eight people
  • a tarp and rope

In addition, the following items are available separately to borrow:

  • three overnight backpacks
  • a backpacking stove
  • a 2-person dome tent
  • several sleeping bags

How to Borrow

While there is no charge for borrowing any of the boxes or other equipment, donations to Hingham Girl Scout House are welcomed. Visit the Donate web page. The boxes are made available on the honor system.  Please return the equipment in the same or better condition that you found it, and replace any items that are damaged.

If you are interested in borrowing the boxes or other equipment, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

Program History

As part of their Silver Award, two Cadette members of Troop 74806, Lulu Pennell and Katie Dettman, created this program a way for Girl Scout troops and other people who want to go camping to borrow essential equipment to  give camping a try! Many thanks to REI and all community members who helped us to make this possible.